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ECC-LIB port for Windows and Windows CE

I have ported the elliptic curve cryptography library (ECC-LIB) written by Elisavet Konstantinou, Yannis Stamatiou and Christos Zaroliagis to Windows and Windows CE. You also need to get my port of GMP to Windows and Windows CE, which is required for the compilation and use of ECC-LIB.

I have extensively tested both these ports on Windows XP and CE and I am satisfied with their stability. Unfortunately, I only have access to Compaq iPAQ H3630 (ARM) handhelds running the Windows CE (3.00) Pocket PC 2002 operating system. If you have any other handheld configuration running a different version of CE and test these ports, please let me know. At the moment I am working towards a detailed performance analysis of ECC-LIB on WinCE. I think that the comparison with some of my previous results will be very interesting.