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ACM SAC 2008 TRECK track

In direct relation to my previous post; I am involved in the program committee of the ACM SAC 2008 TRECK track - the 4th Trust, Recommendations, Evidence and other Collaboration Know-how (TRECK) track of the 23rd ACM Symposium on Applied Computing. We are interested in original and unpublished research on computational models of trust and online reputation mechanisms. Specifically, the TRECK track’s focus is on the set of applications that benefit from the use of such technologies. Therefore, I believe that it is of particular interest to the open source world, both as an application area in itself (trust-enabled distributed SCM systems as alternatives to the strictly centralized models of development would be a very interesting topic of research), and as a highly relevant forum to publish new systems (Konfidi immediately comes to mind as a promising example).

The submission deadline is September 8, 2007, which is more than enough, well, if not more than enough then certainly adequate, and the full information regarding the venue, dates and a suggested list of topics of interest can be found at