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My name is Patroklos (argp) Argyroudis and I am a computer security researcher. My main expertise is vulnerability research, exploit development, reverse engineering and source code auditing. I have presented my research at several international security conferences (Black Hat USA, Black Hat EU, Infiltrate, CanSecWest, Chaos Communication Congress, PH-Neutral, ZeroNights, etc.) on topics such as kernel exploitation, heap exploitation, kernel protection technologies, and electronic payments.

I hold a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Dublin, Trinity College, where I have also worked as a postdoctoral researcher on applied cryptography; designing, implementing and attacking network security protocols.

My professional profile is available on LinkedIn. Sometimes I tweet about my research, but you shouldn't take anything on Twitter too seriously; I don't either. Also, I don't have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media sites.

I am affiliated with CENSUS, a highly specialized IT/computer security consultancy. Most of the open source code I have released and the projects I am contributing to can be found on GitHub. A selection of my research work is available here. I used to kill bugs publicly; nowadays I do it privately.

PGP key: 9F6F FD59 87C3 12DD 1D70 944C 2145 4EFD 8F62 3902